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PMI Engineering

This animation project, which explains the status of Industry 4.0 in institutions and related projects, especially used in internal communication, began with our client sending us PowerPoint presentations. They mentioned that they wanted to convert all the data and narratives into animation to explain this information in the most effective and enjoyable way without taking much of people’s time. A beautiful piece of work emerged at the end of a month-long effort

Internal Communication for 79,000 Employees
Advertisement Video

Boosting User Acquisition through Engaging Animated Promotions

Our client, a tech-savvy innovator, recently launched a novel app targeting the European market. To propel their user acquisition strategy and spotlight the app’s unique offerings, they sought our expertise in crafting a captivating narrative and visual experience.
The Challenge:
In a saturated app market, standing out and attracting a substantial user base is a formidable challenge. The client aimed to not only promote their app but also educate potential users on the problems it solves and the benefits it offers.
The Solution:
We devised a compelling narrative that begins by highlighting the common problem potential users face, which the app aims to solve. This set the stage for introducing the app’s benefits and features in a relatable and engaging manner. Our team of creative minds put together a storyboard that seamlessly transitioned from problem to solution, all while maintaining a visually engaging and coherent flow.
Process Overview:
Our collaboration kicked off with an in-depth discussion with the client to understand the app’s unique selling propositions (USPs) and the target audience. With a clear understanding, we embarked on the journey of story creation, design conceptualization, and eventually, the production of the main promotional video. Through iterative reviews and close coordination with the client, we refined the narrative and visuals to ensure they resonated well with the intended audience.
The Result:
The promotional video served as a cornerstone in the client’s marketing campaign. Its launch marked a significant uptick in app downloads, successfully attracting thousands of new users within a short span. The clear depiction of the app’s benefits, showcased through our animation, played a pivotal role in translating viewers into users.

Metropolitan Municipality ISBAK – Smart City

Introduction: The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and İSBAK,with strategic support from Ericsson, aimed to visually convey the ambitious journey of transitioning Istanbul into a Smart City. The project was set out to create an engaging animation video that encapsulates the strategic vision and the roadmap for this transformative initiative, making the complex narrative easily digestible for a wide array of stakeholders.

Challenge: The primary challenge was twofold: a tight deadline and the daunting task of translating a plethora of technical data and complex urban planning concepts into a clear, engaging, and visually captivating animation.

Solution: A dedicated team was assembled to meticulously plan and execute the animation project. A streamlined process was devised to handle the vast technical data, distilling it into a coherent script that would serve as the foundation for the animation.

Process Overview: The journey commenced with extensive discussions to understand the technical data and the Smart City roadmap. This was followed by a phase of scriptwriting and storyboarding, where the narrative was honed to ensure clarity and engagement.

Project Overview: Summarizing a Large-Scale Initiative

The design and animation phase saw the creation of visual elements that would effectively convey the technical aspects in a viewer-friendly manner. Through iterative reviews and close coordination with IMM and İSBAK, the animation was refined to ensure accuracy and visual appeal.

Results: The final animation successfully distilled complex technical data and urban planning concepts into a compelling visual narrative, delivered within the stipulated timeline. It served as an effective tool for communicating the Smart City vision, facilitating a clearer understanding among stakeholders and garnering positive engagement.

Conclusion:This case study epitomizes the potent role of animation in transcending barriers of technical complexity and time constraints. It underscores how a well-executed animation can serve as a bridge between intricate urban planning concepts and diverse stakeholders, fostering a shared vision for a Smart City future.

Mercury Takes Flight: Vodafone’s Server Migration Illustrated through Animation

Introduction: In the realm of technology, seamless communication is tantamount to the swift fleet-footed Mercury of Greek mythology. When Vodafone embarked on a significant server migration project, the objective was to ensure that every employee within the organization was on the same page regarding the process. The essence of this internal communication strategy was to demystify the technical intricacies of the server move, making it comprehensible to a diverse employee base. To achieve this, a collaborative venture was initiated to create an engaging animation that would elucidate the server migration process.

The Project Narrative: Initiating the animation with a captivating intro, a seamless blend of the Vodafone logo and imagery of Mercury set the thematic tone, symbolizing swift and effective communication. Although the main 3-minute animation

Internal Project Explainer Presentation For Vodafone

encapsulated the core processes of the server migration, it remained an internal asset due to its sensitive content, and thus, couldn’t be published publicly. However, its impact was profound. Watched by thousands of Vodafone employees, the animation translated the technical narrative of server migration into a visually engaging story, fostering a clear understanding across the organization. This endeavor not only simplified complex technical processes but also showcased the power of creative animation in enhancing internal communication during significant operational transitions. Despite the private nature of the main video, the successful execution and the positive reception among Vodafone’s employees underscored the project’s success in bridging technical communication with creative visualization.

2.6 Million YouTube Views

YouTube Channels Home Video
Animation to Explain In a Fun Way

In the realm of digital education, making a memorable first impression can significantly influence a channel’s trajectory. Our international clients,

who are both lecturers and channel owners, embarked on a mission to aid students in excelling at school through a fun and engaging YouTube channel. The cornerstone of this venture was a 1.42-minute intro animation, aimed at both entertaining the young learners and encapsulating the essence of the educational mission.

The whimsical animation, coupled with personal narration by the channel owners, was crafted to resonate with the youthful audience while retaining a fun, educational tone. Despite its basic approach, the animation was meticulously designed to be engaging and effective. Since its release on YouTube, the intro video became a hit, amassing a staggering 2.6 million views and fostering a lively interaction with 5,900 comments. The ripple effect was phenomenal, propelling the channel’s subscriber base from an initial 100,000 to a remarkable 3.6 million. This growth wasn’t just a spike in numbers, but a testament to the transformative power of a well-crafted animation in building a thriving community of eager learners.

The blend of whimsical visuals, heartfelt narration, and the clear, engaging message encapsulated in a 1.42-minute animation played a pivotal role in laying a strong foundation for an enriching educational venture that resonates with students globally.